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Klinch in the confined space

Over the past six months, I have been conducting 3 workshops dedicated to the main topics in a knife fight.
The first workshop was dedicated to the clinch in a confined space.
For better understanding I would like to say few words about the methodological basis of the "Knife Fencing Federation".

In recent years, it was significantly modernized and reduced in order to achieve better training efficiency for trainers and students.

The first workshop was devoted to the clinch in a knife fight. It is very complex and controversial topic. The FNF has its own look at this. Traditionally it should be with the extremely tight grip and unprincipled impact on the aggressor. It is so perhaps due to the number of wrestlers with such knowledge, which are very few if none. As you know, I have purple belt in luta livre grappling and I really love to fight. However, it turned out to be very difficult to combine my two favorite sports. Nevertheless, the FNF has some best practices on this topic. Therefore, I was pleased that methods and techniques proposed during the seminar were understood and appreciated by people who have no experience in fighting.

Please find below video from the workshop which shows how a person due to the fight was able to protect his life effectively.
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